AI-powered lending company Lentra hits $400m valuation

AI-powered lending company Lentra hits $400m valuation

India-based Lentra, which offers AI-powered lending services, has reportedly collected $60m for its Series B funding round.

Experts in AI: Using machine learning to speed up mortgage deals

Artificial intelligence models are making their way into all sorts of products and services, including some very niche applications.

An example of a solution for a very specific problem is being developed by States Title, a startup headquartered in San Francisco. The company has employed machine intelligence to make residential real estate deals faster and more efficient – presenting its work at the recent AI Summit in New York.

According to Dominic Fahey, VP of Business Development at States Title, the predictive platform developed by the company can reduce the human labor involved in the title and escrow process by as much as 80 percent.

Instant Decisioning & Disbursals with Lentra Lending Cloud Personal Loans

Personal Loan platform by Lentra enables seamless end-to-end services bringing digital logins, verifications, decisioning, along with the capability of market aggregator integrations, onboarding and collections together on a single screen making it quick and paperless.

Lentra Digital Lending Transformation Global Summit 2022

Webinar: Smart & Seamless Digital Business Lending Platform powered by Lentra

Designed 3 years ahead of time, Lentra’s smart and seamless digital business lending platform is fast revolutionizing the Indian lending landscape with over 30+ million loan applications processed till date contributing to a whopping 6 billion US dollars in lending through its cloud-native, fully-digital SAS interface.

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Lentra enables FIs to lend and build profitable retail asset portfolios with its ready-to-use, plug-n-play journeys for faster and more effective credit distribution as well as market penetration.

Watch this video to know how Lentra’s cutting-edge, API-driven, mobile first lending platform is facilitating seamless loan disbursals powered by its world’s most powerful business rule engine BREx.

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