Tokio Marine supports startup innovation with $42m fund

Tokio Marine supports startup innovation with $42m fund

Tokio Marine Holdings, a multinational insurance holding company, has launched the Tokio Marine Future Fund to support early stage startups across InsurTech, FinTech, mobility, healthcare, cybersecurity, AI/ML, climate risk and sustainability.

Scalable Startups: Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Scale at Berkeley-Haas

Featuring: André Marquis, FTMBA 96, Executive Director, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Haas School of Business

Entrepreneurship education is changing at Haas from programs like the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps, which is training close to 100 startup teams this year; the online Technology to Market Accelerator program operating across 15 time zones; and the $1.3 million Intel Wearable Device Accelerator. Berkeley-Haas is leading the development of new, scalable systems for startup and corporate innovation. Learn the principles these systems are based on, see some of the innovations—from horse probiotics to nanomaterials—and discover how entrepreneurship and innovation are changing for Silicon Valley startups and large corporations.

50 Cool Personal Transportation Inventions for your Wish List

This video features fifty of the latest electric vehicle inventions, including micro cars, ebikes, scooters, urban mobility, personal transportation, folding, transforming, hovering, flying, and more!

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00:00 Ungoverned Vendetta
00:59 Inclusive Bike EIT Urban Mobility
02:07 Stator LE Electric Scooter
03:40 BMW Motorad CE 02
CE 04 Electric Scooter
04:45 MYLO Foldable Electric Trike
06:32 Blizwheel E scooter
08:05 Toyota C+Walk
08:58 eSUM-X Crago Vehicle
10:20 Okai Beetle EA10
12:17 City Transformer CT1 e
13:24 Electrom LEV
14:32 Icoma Tatamel Motorbike
15:58 Omni Hoverboard and Flyboard Air
18:06 Bicar 3.0r
20:20 MO-JET
22:14 Hodna Gyro Canopy E
23:15 Microlino 2.0 Micro Car
25:02 Crowncruiser Carbon Fiber E bike www,
26:47 Moonbike
28:23 Skydrive Cart!vator
32:45 Splash Bike Turbo Plus and Swift
34:54 Truck Speedster
35:59 WS250 First Ever Stand-Up Snowmobile
37:19 Barqev Rena Max
41:48 Unagi Scooters Model Eleven
43:44 Arcimoto Tilting E trike
45:15 Splash Bikes Transformer
46:53 ONO Motion Electric Delivery Vehicle
50:00 Greendzine Irrway NXP
51:44 Etnnic FAT 2.0
53:28 Microlette
55:02 Luna Cycles Apocalypse V3
56:38 Scotsman 500 / 1000 / 2000
59:00 Varibike Extreme
1:00:17 Kinner Car www.kinner-car/com
1:01:20 Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder
1:02:28 Jetpack Aviation Training School
1:03:09 Supermarine MM01 All-Electric Jet Ski
1:05:00 Sway Motorsports Lithium
1:06:57 Doohan iTank 3.0
1:07:47 Voro Motors Wolf King
1:09:48 Doehmers TD-MP1
1:10:58 Ungoverned Vendetta

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Water Conservation and Innovation For Startups

Join us for a fireside chat with Alaina Harkness on what every startup needs to know about water conservation and innovation. Some of the topics Alaina will be discussing are where to look for water hidden in the supply chain, the state of water innovation and the water conservation movement globally, how startups can support the Blue Economy, and tips on what startups can do today to help protect local water resources.

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Tokio Marine Insurance Group | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

We produced this custom motion graphics explainer video for Tokio Marine’s Major Motor Medical service, a no-frills insurance cover that pays up to RM400 per day when you are hospitalised as a result of a motor accident.

To learn more about Yum Yum Videos and how we work, you can visit our website:

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